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OSS International Collaboration Mechanism

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OSS International Collaboration Mechanism(OSS) is jointly launched by China based think tanks and research institutions on

Non-Traditional Security Studies with a particular focus on Overseas Safety and Security in October, 2017 at Hangzhou, China.

OSS International Collaboration Center was established in Hangzhou as the secretariat for this mechanism.

Dr. ZHOU Zhanggui was appointed as the Executive Director, and leading the secretariat.

The three founding institutions are:

1.Insitute for Overseas Safety and Security, NTS-PD, Zhejiang University;

2.Non-Traditional Security Research Center, China National Institute for Shanghai Coperation Organization;

3.OSS Consulting Co., LTD.

The OSS International Collaboration Center is in close collaboration with the following agenciey:

United Nations Department of Safety and Security (UNDSS)

United Nations System Staff College (UNSSC)

International Code of Conduct Association (ICoCA)

Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA)

Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO)

Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN)

OSS Mission:

To secure China in collaboration with multi-stakeholders through researching, mornitoring and consulting.

OSS Vision:

To be a leader in human security service research and consulting.

OSS Value:

(1)professionalism; (2) integrity; (3) respect

Main Services:

1. Research and consulting;

2. Capacity building & training;

3. Project investigation and due diligence;

4. Information exhcange forums;

5. Data services.

Contact us:

OSS International Collaboration Center

Email: zhouzhanggui@sina.com

Address: Room 106, international center, no. 136, nanshan road, hangzhou, China

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