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COMESA-OSS collaboration program

The comesa-oss collaboration plan is a collaborative mechanism initiated by the southeast African community (COMESA) and the OSS international cooperation center to coordinate the cooperation of the 20 countries in eastern and southern Africa, including the holding of BBS meetings, project cooperation, docking visits and personnel exchanges. Mr. Ngovina, secretary-general of the common market for south-east Africa (COMESA), is a senior adviser to the project.


We will jointly promote information exchange and project implementation in southeast African countries, especially cooperation in security services, smart cities, security equipment, face recognition and energy equipment in Africa.


China and Africa have separate offices with three working groups:

Legal policy working group, project promotion working group, BBS meeting working group


We will build a country-specific investment and risk database, a project information and docking platform, and a china-africa investment and security risk control BBS.

To prepare the annual African country investment and security report, the annual African investment and risk control BBS, and the 2-3 annual visits to Africa.


On March 6, 2018, the china-africa security cooperation conference and OSS international cooperation mechanism launched a meeting with the southeast African common market in hangzhou. Southeast African common market southern Africa (COMESA) secretary general Mr Gwyn Mr (minister-level) rate delegation to attend, the safety and security department (UNDSS) certification training division, international security standards association (ICoCA) observers, non-traditional security research center of zhejiang university overseas safety and security institute, Dr Zhou Zhanggui chaired the meeting. Zhao yonghua, secretary general of zhejiang security association, hangzhou security service group, wenzhou security service corporation and hanwei international security guard company attended the meeting. The conference was organized by hangzhou anshi information consulting co.

The southeast African common market is the oldest and largest regional economic cooperation organization in Africa and the most influential intergovernmental and international organization in Africa. There are 20 member states with a total population of 400 million. The group is chaired by the heads of member states. The current President is Madagascar's President.

At the meeting, Dr. ZHOU introduced the main objectives and tasks of the OSS international collaboration mechanism, as well as the cooperation intention already reached with the common market of eastern and southern Africa under the initiative of One Belt And One Road. Secretary-general ngovina gave a comprehensive account of developments in the south east African common market (COMESA) and areas of economic integration and potential cooperation in southeast Africa. He said that he was pleased to work with relevant Chinese agencies as a senior adviser to jointly promote information exchange and project implementation in southeast African countries.

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