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Institute for Overseas Safety and Security (OSS Institute)

Institute for Overseas Safety and Security (OSS Institute) was established in Oct, 2016 as one of falg institutes of the Center for Non-traditional Security Studies, Zhejiang University, with a research focus on overseas safety and security issues, leading experts, professors, and practitioners are invited to jointly in our prospective research programs and lectures.

Research Areas:

1. Overseas security theories, methodolgies and best practices

2. Information security, data analysis and intelligence integration

3. Overseas immigration and labor protection

4. Overseas security risk assessment

5. Standardization of safety management of overseas institutions and personnel

6. Overseas security privatization and PSCs

Flag events:

One annual forum on Non-traditional security and Overseas interests.

Regular academic salons, seminars and practical activities on OSS issues.

Team members:

Dr. Zhou Zhanggui, PHD majored in non-traditional security management, the Director of the Institute for Overseas Safety and Security, NTS-PD, Zhejiang University, the Program coordinator of Non-traditional security research center of China National Institute for Shanghai Cooperation Organization, the Executive Director of OSS International Collaboration Center, an Distinguished Professor of Tarim University. He is also the oboserver and CSO member of International Code of Conduct's Association (ICoCA) , certified advanced field security trainer issued by the United Nations Department of Safety and Security. From 2005 to 2011, Dr. ZHOU served as a program officer of International Center on Small Hydropower and adviser of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization for project collaboration and feasibility studies in Latin America, Africa and other high-risk areas. His main research interests include Overseas safety and security, Energy securiy and cooperation, Transboudary water cooperation, and other non-traditional security topics. His email: zhouzhanggui@sina.com

Dr. Zhou Ran, PhD, Deputy Director of the Institute for Overseas Safety and Security, NTS-PD, Zhejiang University, a visiting schorlar of london school of political economy(2016), and assistant researcher of the Chinese Ggovernment Regulaton Research Institute of Zhejiang University of Finance and Economics. Research areas: social impact analysis of projects, non-traditional security threats and overseas security risk assessment. Several papers have been published, including "security Mosaic: a new perspective for building trust around China", "research on China's" exogenous "energy security -- identification, evaluation and response based on non-traditional security perspectives" and "identification and assessment of non-traditional security threats in inspection and quarantine".

Dr. Liao Danzi, female, administrative management, non-traditional security research center of zhejiang University institute of safety and security core members overseas, zhejiang University of finance and economics institute of finance and public management, an associate professor at the American University (American University) visiting scholars, the research direction for the administrative management, administrative cases, global security management, etc., and academic papers published including important issues involved in the China international non-traditional security threat identification and cross-domain governance research, studies of non-traditional security in northeast Asia, "polyphyly non-traditional security" and "modern civil defense" system construction in China, Research on civil defense from the perspective of non-traditional security, etc.

Zhang Yadi, female, PhD in non-traditional security management (at present), is a core member of the overseas security and security research institute of zhejiang university's non-traditional security research center. A master's degree in international relations from the university of Warwick, UK. Mainly published papers on the causes and countermeasures of illegal immigration in China's coastal areas from the perspective of non-traditional security, "health governance in Asia and the world", "summary of China's immigration security problems", "summary of immigration security from the perspective of human security", "One Belt And One Road initiative" and China's overseas labor protection.

Wang mengting, PhD, non-traditional security management major (at present), is a core member of the overseas security and security research institute of zhejiang university's non-traditional security research center. The research direction is safety marketization, non-traditional security community. The main papers published include "non-traditional security community: a new exploration of transnational security governance", etc.

Primary Advisor:

Prof. Yu Xiaofeng

Director of the research center for non-traditional security and peaceful development, professor and doctoral supervisor of school of public administration, zhejiang university, senior visiting scholar of Harvard University and Oxford University.

Senior Advisors:

Jamie Williamson, Executive Director of International Code of Conduct Association(ICoCA)

Sindiso Ngwenya, Secretary General of Commen Market for Eastern and Southen Africa(COMESA)

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