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Highlights of 2020 International Forum on Non-Traditional Security (Hangzhou)
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With the COVID-19 Pandemic spread globally in 2020, the world is facing the unprecedented change. The advent of the digital era makes humankind encounter a more uncertain future. Both new opportunities and challenges appeared in digital economy highlighted by artificial intelligence and data security industries from the perspective of non-traditional security. In view of this, the 3nd International Forum on Non-Traditional Security (Hangzhou) was held in Hangzhou on November 21, 2020, sponsored by Zhejiang Association of Security Technology & Protection, The Center for Non-traditional Security and Peaceful Development Studies, Zhejiang University and OSS International Collaboration Center, in conjunction with ICoCA, CGE foundation, Guangxi Southeast Asia Economic and Political Research Institute and others.

With the theme of "International Cooperation on Digital Security and Emergency Response in Post COVID-19 Pandemic Era ", 110 plus experts and scholars from international organizations, security technology industry, security service industry and well-known research institutions participated in the forum to exchange views on best practices of international regulation, digitalization and intelligent security and overseas security service.